Bornö Workshop 2018

Southern Ocean


The Bornö Workshop 2018 centered around the Dynamics and Thermodynamics of the Southern Ocean.

Lectures and discussions during the day.


8.45 am Markus Jochum: "Welcome and Introduction"
9 am Dirk Olbers: "Simple and not simple models of the ACC"
10.30 am Roman Nuterman: "VEROS: The Tesla of Ocean Models"
2 pm Collecting ideas and disucssions

9 am David Marshall: "Geometric Interpretation of Eddies"
10.30 am Mads B. Poulsen: "Geometric interpretation of Southern Ocean Eddy Form stress"
2 pm Julian Mak: "Implementation of a Geometrically Informed and Energetically Constrained Mesoscale Eddy Parameterization in an Ocean Circulation Model"

9 am Carsten Eden: "The scattering integral"
10.30 am Manita Chouksey: "... and its application"
2 pm Ke Zhao: "New analytic techniques"

9 am Markus Jochum: "The Southern Ocean during the Pleistocene"
10.30 am Søren Nielsen: "The Southern Ocean and the carbon cycle"
2 pm Thomas Eriksen: "New turbulence closures"

Place and Time

Sunday, July 22 to Saturday, July 28 at Bornö Stationen, a small retreat in Sweden (see on map).


Group Photo of participants.

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The workshop was funded by CLiSAP, AWI and the Niels Bohr Institute.