Bornö Summer School 2017

Ocean Waves


The Bornö Summer School 2017 taught waves in the ocean.


Place and Time

Sunday, July 30 to Saturday, August 12 at Bornö Stationen, a small retreat in Sweden (see on map).

Group Picture

From left: Andrea, Tuba, Markus, Niklas, Laurits, Carsten, Deepanyan, Lovisa, Olga, Jostein, Marcos, Dion and Arthur.

From left: Lovisa, Niklas, Olga, Arthuro, Andrea, Tuba, Laurits, Jostein, Deepanyan, Goeran, Marcos, Jonas, Peat and Joe.

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The workshop was funded by Niels Bohr Institute, TRR Hamburg, University of Stockholm and University of Oslo