Bornö Summer School 2014

The Earth-Life System


An Introduction to the Earth-Life system (2.5 ECT points)

Target: PhD students in fields related to climate and biogeochemistry

Costs: Room, board and transport from Copenhagen is provided

Registration is limited to 12 students.

Download the flyer as PDF here.

Place and Time

Monday, July 7 to Friday, July 11 at Bornö Stationen, a small retreat in Sweden (see on map).


Contact & Registration

Group Picture

From left: Jonas, Meike, Stan, Helen, Jonathan, Malin, Raghu, Markus, Shikha, Priscilla, Swapna, Bendix

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9am: Departure Rockefeller
1-2pm: Arrival Bornoe
4pm: Ice Breaker
6pm: Dinner


7-8: Meditation (Murtugudde, optional)
8-9: Breakfast 9-1: Basic Climate Physics (Murtugudde)
1-2: Lunch
2-4: The Life Aquatic (Richardson)
4-5: Student Talks (Bendix, Stan)
6pm: Dinner


7-8: Meditation
8-9: Breakfast
9-1: Geography & Life (Murtugudde)
1-2: Lunch
2-4: Earth System Modelling (Jochum)
4-5: Student Talks (Singh, Malin, Jonathan)
6pm: Dinner


7-8: Meditation
8-9: Breakfast
9-12: Microbiology & Evolution (Murtugudde)
12-1: Student talks (Helen, Swapna, Jonas)
1-2: Lunch
2-4: Society, Climate Change & Psychology (Murtugudde)
4-5: Student Talks (Jonathan, Meike, Priscilla)
6pm: Dinner


7-8: Meditation
8-9: Breakfast
11am: Departure of Gothenburg Van
before 2pm: Departure of second Van