Bornö Workshop 2013

The Future of the Nordic Seas, a collaboration between Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden


Epi- and dianeutral fluxes in the Nordic Seas: numerical and physical considerations

The Nordic Seas and the Arctic Ocean are focal points in the current discussions on global warming. Partly because of the already observed polar amplification and partly because the watermass transformation in the Nordic Seas is a key regulator for poleward heat transport in the Atlantic sector. The latter part is only poorly understood, and the goal of the proposed workshop was to bring together the observational, theoretical, and numerical expertise that exists in Germany and Scandinavia and lay the foundation for future collaborative projects.

While the workshop was focused on mixing physics in observations and OGCMs with different grids, the larger goal was to strengthen the oceanographic cooperation between the Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Place and Time

The 2013 workshop took place from Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 12 at Bornö Stationen, a small retreat in Sweden (see on map).



9:30 Welcome & Introduction, Carsten Eden & Markus Jochum
10:30 Energetically Consistent Ocean Models, C. Eden
1:30 Investigating vertical mixing in OGCMs based on energetics considerations, P. deWet
2:30 Oceanic budget of heat, salt and buoyancy, M. Hieronymus
3:30 Wave induced mixing and transport in the upper ocean, M. Drivdal


9:30 Generation of internal waves by tides, J. Nycander
10:30 Accuracy of Advection Schemes, B. Soerensen
1:30 Ocean modeling on unstructured meshes, S. Danilov
2:30 Representation of Boundary Currents in OGCMs, J. Bluethgen
3:30 Application of Adjoint Analysis to the MOC, L. Czeschel


9:30 The oceanic response to meso-scale atmospheric forcing, T. Jung
10:30 The Bi-stable Jet Stream and its impact on the AMOC, H. Kleppin



The workshop was funded by the Niels Bohr Institute and CliSAP, Hamburg, Germany


Group Picture

From left: Markus Jochum, Thomas Jung, Jonas Blüthgen, Hannah Kleppin, Magnus Hieronymous, Pierre de Wet, Lars Czeschel, Jonas Nycander, Sergey Danilov, Magnus Drival, Carsten Eden, Brian Sørensen

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Markus Jochum
Brian Soerensen
Jonas Bluethgen
Hannah Kleppin


Thomas Jung
Sergey Danilov


Carsten Eden
Lars Czeschel


Magnus Drival
Pierre de Wet


Jonas Nycander
Magnus Hieronymous

...and thanks for all the fish

Our chef who took so good care of us together with his fiancé was Piet With.